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Stock Market Update

FCA Regulations under MIFID 2 dictate that all providers should write to investors when there is a 10% loss to your investment. This was only introduced a few years ago and was designed to remind investors that it may be time to review your investment risk (appetite for loss). However, i do not believe they anticipated at the time whereby virtually every person would fall into this category and therefore they have relaxed the rule until October.

I thought however, that it would be worth putting some perspective on matters and seeing if our investment strategies have worked.

Our proposition is always to aim for steady growth whilst also protecting the ‘downside’, so since all this started how has our advice faired. First, everyone is in a range of different investments and companies dependent on various factors so this is just a broad view. Also, if you have been making contributions it sways the figures slightly (most likely to be positive) so these samples are taken from those who have not added or taken anything.

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