At Tailored Financial Planning Ltd we assist and advise many clients who invest to improve their financial future.
Whether this be for long term growth or income in retirement, we have a number of investment strategies to fit
each individuals needs. These are reviewed regularly once you have established your tolerance for risk.
Investments have been proven over the majority of time to have out-performed traditional deposit accounts.
However you must be aware that past performances is not a guide to future growth and that investments can go
down as well as up. Its therefore important that you also establish your ‘appetite for loss’.

3 Steps as to “Why buying a property may
give you more headaches than profit”

Before you do anything, conduct a business plan, laying out what
you hope to achieve. This should take into account the following:

Annual Deductions need to be considered also, such as:

When you have done that, then work out your exit strategy ie:

Inflation Savings Danger Calculator