Director & Financial Adviser

Paula has been working in the financial industry for over 23 years, where she started as an administrator at a firm in Rochdale.

She progressed through the company, eventually becoming a manager. From there she was able to take her expertise and knowledge to start up a firm alongside her other colleagues in St Helens.

Her main goal is to create an excellent working environment within the office, ensuring all of the firms clients are provided with the highest level of service.

Her experience, along the systems she has implemented, allow for all the firms employees to have the most up to date training, ensuring the business runs professionally and efficiently. 

After deciding she wanted to further her career in the financial industry, she passed her exams in 2019 and is now advising at Tailored, where she specialises in retirement planning.

She prides herself on always having a good relationship with her clients and will always go above and beyond for their needs, making sure they have a stress-free retirement, whilst also achieving their financial goals.

In her spare time she enjoys travelling, watching a good box set and spending time with friends and family.


Investments and Savings

Get help generating a better return on your savings, with a full range of investment options which could include equities, funds, bonds and alternative investments.


Get help on making a plan for a comfortable retirement; whether it’s starting a pension or understanding how much you should be contributing to one.

Retirement income

(annuities, drawdown)

Get help understanding and evaluating annuities vs. drawdown, or discussing the other available retirement income options for you.

Pension Transfers – Non Specialist

Get advice on transferring pensions where you do not need a specialist, for example a standard personal pension or one through your employer that is made up ONLY of regular contributions from you and your employer (this should not be a defined benefit pension)

Insurance and Protection

Get help to understand the best level of life cover, critical illness cover and income protection for you.